Employees from the Banking Industry Take the CPPD Factory Tour

On Tuesday 1st November 2022 Production Director, Caroline Ash, welcomed a group of employees from a well-known UK bank for a CPPD session. 

This banking establishment has a rich heritage that spans over 300-years and today it prides itself on continuously adapting to the market and customers needs. The group included investors and analysts interested to learn about the evolvement for the fashion sector, Made in the UK and the sustainable fashion market.

Caroline said: “We had a group of financial analysts and investors from a large financial institution visit for our CPPD Seminar and Factory Tour.

Obviously, we adapted our presentation to reflect the client’s needs, drilling down on finance, business and future predictions, however the factory tour proved to be a real eye-opener for the group along with the future of the fashion industry as seen at the FashTech Innovation Centre.”

Feedback from the group included:

“I found out about cost differences in different locations, production time and ways to audit for best practices. Fantastic operation – truly loved the tour. Thank-you.”

“I learnt about the intricacies of the fashion value chain e.g. costings, relationships with retailers and buyers, their demands and challenges faced by manufacturers, especially to be sustainable. Really helpful and insightful.”

“Excellent information on sustainable trends, drivers for garment manufacturing.”

“I found out about sustainable practices, lots about costs and industry dynamics.”