Employees from Sainsbury’s Visit the Factory for a 4 Hour CPPD

On Tuesday 15th March 2022, Production Director Caroline Ash, hosted a CPPD factory tour at Fashion-Enter’s Haringey HQ for a group of employees from Sainsbury’s Supermarket Ltd.

The group walked around the factory floor and the new FashTech Innovation Centre, with Caroline stopping to explain at every stage. Over the 4-hour workshop the group found out about the full garment production cycle, costings, the importance of a skilled workforce, the dirty practices that can occur and how to spot them, along with how new technology is paving the way in sustainability in fashion and textiles.

The group really enjoyed the workshop and were keen to return to learn more. Feedback included: 

“Great insight into how a factory operates.  A really enjoyable and educational experience. Thank-you.”

“Wonderful session that covered everything in just four hours, would love to spend longer time on a workshop / practice next time. Thank-you.”

“It was a great refresher, there’s never enough time! Thank-you very much.”

“Not personally doing fabric / clothing but the discussions about costings made me think about my particular products. Also the ‘dirty tricks’ was an eye opener. It was really insightful, really worth the trip.”

“Really informative, jam-packed full of info.”

“I learnt about new sustainable initiatives, how cost impacted the UK fashion industry is and the importance of skilled workers.”

“Lots of information as I am new to the clothing industry. The Kornit future Micro Factory was very interesting.”