Empire College Students Get to Grips with the Business of Fashion on FEL’s Seminar and Tour

This week, commencing 6th May 2024, Fashion-Enter Ltd and the Fashion Technology Academy had a new client visit our London HQ for a highly informative seminar and tour.

The group from Empire College London are students on the Business course so seminar host, Caroline Ash, ensured that the information and tour centred on business structure and practices.

Caroline commented: “We had a new client, Empire College London Business Studies students, in this week. This group was very enthusiastic and asked loads of questions, it was a very enjoyable seminar.”

Student feedback at the end of the session included:

“I learnt that the fashion business is so hard to manage. That there are regular risk assessments. Thank-you so much for a nice experience.”

“I have learnt so much about fashion, business and have collected so much information about making clothes.”

“I have found out about how the fashion clothing business operates and how sustainability is implemented. This was very informative. Thank -you. The speaker did an amazing job.”

“Very informative, we got to understand how the fashion industry works from employees, trade unions to ethical production. Amazing information provided.”

“The visit has been very informative and educational. I have learnt a lot from the speaker about ethical standards, working conditions, employee trade unions and workers rights. Really enjoyed the speakers information. Amazing AI technology is used, found that amazing.”

“I learnt from this seminar about how the fashion industry works. The seminar was so informative.”

“I appreciated the deep knowledge of the speaker.”

“The environment was very friendly and staff so cooperative. My visit here was very good and it provided a lot of information.”