EEF, The Manufacturers’ Organisation, Employment And Skills Policy Committee

As a member of the EEF, The Manufacturers’ Organisation, Employment and Skills Policy Committee, Fashion Enter regularly attends industry meetings to exchange ideas and discuss ways forward for the development and growth of UK manufacturing industry. The EEF has a powerful voice in leading, championing and celebrating UK manufacturing. Key manufacturing issues are openly discussed and the EEF committee aims to ensure the industry is consistently in the government and media spotlight.

On 13th March 2018 the committee met to discuss the following:

Sexual harassment Policy

New Employment Tribunal Statistics

EEF response to T levels

The National Retraining Scheme – how can we shape it to meet needs of manufacturers?

Battling Brexit: The Migration Minefield

CEO Jenny Holloway commented:

‘Fashion Enter is keen to support the Employment and Skills committee of EEF as this is an ideal forum to discuss ways forward for the skills base of the manufacturing industry with likeminded people. I am personally 100% committed to the investment of T skills but appreciate there is much work to be conducted and implemented before the T skills are regarded with esteemed parity to the A levels. There are many questions to be asked – how are schools going to deliver these qualifications aimed at the 16-18 year old if they do not have the technical machinery know how plus the right plant and machinery located in a school environment? However not to be thwarted there has to be a way and perhaps one of those ways is to subcontract the work to quality training providers that do have that insight and technical know–how. EEF is a proactive support mechanism for our vibrant manufacturers of today.’

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