Education is Not Just Skills Attainment! Next Steps IAG 

Every three months the Fashion Technology Academy (FTA) provides a unique ‘Next Steps IAG’ (Information, Advice and Guidance), seminar that aims to support the learner on their next stage of learning, or career path, following the successful completion of their course with FTA.

Increasingly learners want to create their own brand and this may include deeper learning of specific vocational skills with Fashion-Enter Ltd or Further Education / Higher Education institutions.

Fortunately, Fashion-Enter Ltd, the owners of the educational brand – Fashion Technology Academy, can support in many ways for all learners.

One of the key activities FEL can support is with masterclasses and seminars from industry experts that really know the inner workings of fashion industry.

The following highlights the courses that are offered; many are free of charge, however some of the more technical courses do have fees attached for the specialist teacher.

+ Stitching Academy Level 1 and 2

+ Pattern Cutting Level 1 and 2

+ Level 3 Fashion Studio Apprenticeship

+ Level 4 Product Technologist Apprenticeship

There are also some learners that have their horizons broadened to the wide variety of jobs available in the industry following their time with FEL within the backdrop of a live, ethical factory, the only factory in the UK with a leading status in the Fast Forward audit.

To help those learners the attached PowerPoint provides guidelines and support. Next Steps IAG Career Planning

Jenny Holloway CEO at Fashion-Enter Ltd commented: “The education and skills attainment we provide must really kickstart the learners careers and have a lasting impact. I personally feel as though it’s a great honour to be trusted with a learners education and therefore want them to have an outstanding learning journey with us.  We have many learners that we keep in touch with over the years and they very much become friends of the FTA!”