Developing Skills And Making A Difference

There is nothing more genuinely satisfying than seeing the learners, apprentices and start-up brands that we work with develop, grow and forge their way into the highly competitive fashion sector. Recently Val Navea joined our FTA Stitching Academy course Level 1 and 2 and her enthusiasm and positivity about what we do simply had to be shared:

“By chance, I came across Fashion Enter and it now feels like the perfect environment and spiritual home for me! I cannot thank you enough or thank the tutors enough for such an amazing experience here and I’m very proud to have completed Levels 1 & 2 of my Industrial Sewing course. I have witnessed so many wonderful moments, watching others grow (as I have been improving on my basic sewing skills) and truly believe that Fashion Enter is what I’ve always strived to recreate and be part of.”

Val has a highly impressive CV and is now looking to set up a small manufacturing company with her partner. Additionally she has offered to work with Fashion Enter on a voluntary basis so as to deepen her understanding of how we operate a fully compliant and ethical factory. Made in Britain starts right here!