Design Crazy Lady Develops Film and Costume Niche

The FCFTA Leicester have been working with Agnieszka Czapla and her creative company – ‘Design Crazy Lady’ to provide an Academy learner as a pattern cutter and sample maker for her growing business, thanks to the Community Renewal Fund.

Agnes came to the UK 16-years ago to work with high end designers, she has over 30-years of experience working within the fashion industry. However, when the pandemic hit Agnes was working as a freelance pattern cutter / grader and sample machinist, working for suppliers that serviced high street retailers. Due to store closures she was unable to work, resulting in  losing all of her income in 1 day.

Agnes, took this as an opportunity to be in control of her own destiny; initially she was planning to launch her own brand but noticed that there was quite a big need for her skills with small brands and start-ups. Therefore she focused herself on that side and put her own brand on hold.

Agnes already has experience of making custom made garments from her early career, however since then her custom pattern cutting skills have advanced and this has opened up new doors for her. She started to work on Cosplay and screen accurate costumes to order. Since then she has teamed up with people who are working within the movie industry and special effects make-up and with them she was able to start designing costumes for specific events. As a result she is working to grow that side of her business as it brings her lots of joy and allows her to continue to learn new techniques.

Goblin Wonderer is character created by Will Harvey for Prosthetics Even in Coventry and Agnes is creating a costume for it. It did involve making pirate style breeches, oversized georgette shirt and coat with real leather patchwork, as finishing touches she used spray paint to make it look dirty and worn.

The world of fashion is never linear and it’s great to see Agnes and her company Design Crazy Lady achieving success in the film and costume sector.

Contact Agnes via Linked In