Community Renewal Fund Launch Meeting Leicester

On Wednesday 9th February the FC Fashion Technology Academy (Leicester) held a launch meeting for the Community Renewal Fund programme. Aimed at the garment and textiles sector in the Leicestershire area – 25 businesses attended this initial session and here the manager of the FC FTA (Leicester), Jackie Bertram, discusses this launch event…

‘It was great to launch the Leicester Community Renewal Fund (CRF) on the 9th February, the project has received £500,000 from the UK government to support Leicester’s garment and textile industry. The fund is to support the reposition and regrowth of Leicester’s garment and textile industry through a programme practical initiatives.

‘This is a  joint partnership approach from Leicester City Council, De Montfort University and Fashion-Enter Ltd and the overarching outcome of the program is to create a sustainable, ethical and transparent supply chain and to support Leicester and its garment workers. Fashion-Enter will be leading on the Skills, Compliance and Capability Programmes.

‘The launch event was attended by 25 Leicester businesses that are involved within the textile industry.

‘It was a really engaging session; Altaf Ahmed LCC Business support Manager opened the session with an overview of the CRF program. Jenny Holloway CEO Fashion-Enter, then gave an overview of her company and emphasised how challenging it is for manufacturers at the moment, however, there is real opportunity for onshore manufacturing and innovation.

‘I then provided insight into how the retail climate has changed for good and how by embracing product diversification, speed and partnerships we can combat the change.

‘Caroline Ash and Mark Randall provided  a really informative overview of how technology, the Galaxius System, had increased their productivity.

‘The session was then closed by Rachel Granger from De Montfort University, who explained how they can support on business review and innovation opportunities.

‘There was a lot of discussion and knowledge sharing in the session with a real focus on advancements and progression for Leicester and UK.’

Feedback included:

“Thank-you for putting this initiative together, I thoroughly enjoyed it and look forward to the next steps.”

“We can see you are working in the interests of the textile industry and the wider community in Leicester.”

Jackie added: “I am incredibly proud to be involved in this program, Leicester is my home town and it’s great to be supporting advancement in the industry through positive change and real collaboration.”

Divya, FCFTA (Leicester) administrator, said: “I truly appreciate the hard work and determination the company is pouring into the betterment of unemployed people and renewal of Leicester Textile industry.”

More on this innovative programme will be revealed in the coming months.