Coming Soon: Presentation Skills And How To Speak Confidently Anytime, Anywhere

Life and Business Coach Eric Gilston is back for one more masterclass before the year is out. This time he will be focusing on ‘Presentation Skills and How To Speak Confidently Anytime, Anywhere.’ The aim of this masterclass will ensure attendees will:

    • look forward to making presentations,
    • have minimal nerves about presenting,
    • be confident about presenting and be in control of any equipment used.

Eric explains: “Verbal communication is a skill and needs to be used more often. Earlier this year I was coaching at a college, and we did an exercise with the students to get them to realise the relative importance of body language, tone of voice and the actual words used.

“It was pointed out to them that when someone is communicating a message about feelings or attitudes, then the verbal element only accounts for 7%, compared to the non-verbal elements accounting for 93%, made up of 55% Body Language and 38% Tone of Voice. Another communication skill that comes into play, namely that of listening. I love the one-liner, ‘Be interested and not interesting.’”

Being able to communicate clearly and confidently to others – one-to-one or to a room full of people is a fantastic skill to have both personally and professionally.

‘Presentation Skills and How To Speak Confidently Anytime, Anywhere’ is scheduled for Wednesday 5th December 11am – 1pm at FashionCapital FTA HQ, Unit 13 / 14, Crusader Estate, 167 Hermitage Road, London N4 1LZ.

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