Collaborative Partnership To Provide Free Stitching and Upcycling Places with the Fashion Impact Fund

Fashion Technology Academy’s parent company Fashion-Enter Ltd (FEL) is delighted to announce a collaborative partnership with the Fashion Impact Fund to provide practical skills development in sewing and upcycling for the fashion and textiles sector.

The Fashion Impact Fund provides grants to female founders advancing equitable workforce development in the fashion industry to accelerate women’s economic empowerment and leadership. The fund supports women-led fashion initiatives advocating for gender equality through education, media, and skills programs; contributing critical system change for women in the fashion industry to earn fair wages, operate in safe and ethical working conditions and achieve effective leadership.

Both Fashion-Enter Ltd and the Fashion Impact Fund are committed to advancing the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), as adopted by the United Nations Member States in 2015. As the UK’s leading provider in fashion and textiles production courses and apprenticeships FEL offers training in practical sewing skills with a focus on upcycling and repairs to ensure garment longevity.

FEL, CEO, Jenny Holloway said: “I’m delighted to re-establish ties with Kerry after 15-years! In 2008 we worked in partnership with Kerry on an amazing New York Profile, whereby 35 of our British designers showcased their collections during New York Fashion Week. This was such a forward-thinking initiative and extremely successful too! Working with the Fashion Impact Fund grant we can now offer free places to 15 women for the popular Sewing and Upcycling course in February. This can then lead to a free Level 2 course with Stitching and the FEL team can further support with interviews for jobs and apprenticeships. How innovative this is Kerry!  Well done Kerry and team!” 

Kerry Bannigan, Founder and Executive Director, Fashion Impact Fund adds: “Jenny has a steadfast dedication to ethical garment manufacturing in the UK. We are pleased to provide a grant towards the program in support of Fashion-Enter’s commitment to fashion industry training, upskilling, and development for women to generate employment or enable entrepreneurship. We are grateful to Jenny and her team for leading workforce development courses that play a critical role in shaping a just transition for the future of fashion.”

Held February 13th – 16th 2023, the 4-day Sewing and Upcycling course will teach:

+ How to correctly take measurements

+ How to thread an industrial sewing machine

+ Learn different stitches and tensions

+ Understand how to cut fabric from a pattern

+ Learn about the different fabrics and how they are different in handling

+ How to sew straight lines, around corners and how to do sleeves

+ How to make a garment from a pattern

+ Techniques to upcycle an existing garment

 + How to tailor an existing garment

On completion of this introductory 4-day course learners can progress and receive further advice and support on various learning pathways.

If you would like to apply for free participation at the 4-day Sewing and Upcycling course commencing 13th February please contact:

The course takes place at FC Designer Workspace, 9 Durham Road, London N7 7FB. Nearest tube: Finsbury Park