City Of Westminster College Students Take Factory Tour

On 5th November a group of Level 3 fashion and textiles students from City of Westminster College attended our popular educational factory tour.

The feedback from the session held with Production Director Caroline Ash was brilliant:

“I have learnt so much. It’s been fantastic to get up to date industry insights. I’m only sorry it had to end!” Sabrina, tutor.

“I learnt how much time it takes for garments to be made and it allowed me to appreciate my clothes 10x more! I would definitely come back again no questions asked.” Mary

“I have learnt about the process of garment making. This was very good thank-you.” Colin

“I have learnt that there are lots of different processes into making one item of clothing. It was lovely I would consider doing an apprenticeship here.” Sarah

The factory tour was a unique experience for the students studying fashion to understand the complete garment life cycle in an ethical factory.

Production Director Caroline Ash explained how the factory produces up to 15,000 garments each week and what makes us an ethical and fully compliant factory.

Overall it was a fantastic experience for the students who know understand exactly what it takes to manufacture a garment.