Cities Of Learning London Boroughs Competition

In every London borough, there are gaps in employability, life skills and learning opportunities. This is especially true in the creative and cultural industries and among any given local community, talent and potential often goes unnoticed.

The London Boroughs Competition (LBC) intends to change that. LBC want to hear about existing projects or exciting new proposals to develop skills in the creative and cultural industries. The competition is open to all education, skills, industry and creative partnerships across the capital and applications can be sent up until 12th March 2020. 



How would the Cities of Learning model contribute to the vision you have for young people in your locality?


How would you use digital Open Badges to highlight learning opportunities in the cultural and creative sectors?


How will your proposal be inclusive of people who have the least access to creative and cultural opportunities?


How will you bring together a collaborative network of creative and cultural sector stakeholders that can support your vision and ambition?


How would you use the Cities of Learning model to tell the story of your locality and develop a new approach to local leadership?


How can you evidence that you have considered the existing assets in your area and a longer term plan for the model in your locality?


  1. The Competition is open to all education, skills, industry and creative partnerships in London boroughs.
  2. LBC is open to applications from existing partnerships, or from new partnerships which may emerge through the application process. LBC is also open to accepting cross-borough applications and offering flexibility around the geographic reach of proposals.
  3. Although applications should demonstrate a partnership approach, there does need to be a ‘main applicant’ for your proposal. Please also note that if you are entering as a partnership, the main applicant needs to be either a charitable organisation or a public body that is eligible to receive public funds, as LBC cannot give grants to businesses.

To find out more and apply tap here.