Christmas 3D Fashion Design Competition

PhygitalTwin has joined forces with Style3D to provide a unique, Christmas Design competition.

Innovative and exciting Style3D Studio software can quickly transform creative ideas into 3D designs effectively modelled on customised avatars.

While PhygitalTwin provides state of the art Web3technology to develop and transform the designs into physical on-demand fashion. 

Running from the 4th – 28th December the deadline for entries on the 27th December.

The prize: 

+ 6 outstanding works will each snag a $100 prize in just 2 months

+ The most creative design will be turned into a Snapchat filter within a month.

+ PhygitalTwin will work with the designer to create a commercial version of the winning design in real life, with the opportunity to sell this on PhygitalTwin’s platform

How to Enter:

1. Design in Style3D Studio

2. Upload on

3. Share on Instagram with hashtag #3DXmasChallenge .

4. Tag @stylist3d_official & @phygitaltwin.

For more, email:

New to Style3D Studio? Fashion-Enter is currently running 3 day Style3D Beginner courses at its Haringey campus. Tap here for further details.


*PhygitalTwin ( Provide a pioneering, tech-led, sustainable fashion platform leveraging 3D tech to empower creators to turn their digital dreams into fashion lines, in real life, in real time. Unique strengths: Empowering mass personalisation, Transforming 3D concepts into tangible, marketable creations.

*Style3D ( Provide a professional 3D fashion design desktop software with a 3-month free trial for individual users. Unique strengths: Marketplace, Simulation Speed, Real-time Rendering, Lighting Presets, and more.