Chinese High School and Fashion Retail Academy Students Take the Factory Uncovered Tour and Seminar

This week, commencing 5th February, the Fashion-Enter Ltd team welcomed two groups of Chinese High School students followed by Buying and Range Planning students from the Fashion Retail Academy.

All groups got to see the factory, the United Repair Centre, the micro factory and the Styleverse Innovation Centre in action, and understand how fashion production is adapting to new ways of working.

Caroline Ash led the seminar and tour sessions she said: “We had 2 groups of Chinese High School students in this week, they had varying degrees of English, and my Chinese is zero, so it was interesting! However, somehow, we managed to deliver the seminars which they really enjoyed. The tutors are already talking about a return visit later in the year. Time enough for me to brush up on my Chinese!! 

“We then we had the Fashion Retail Academy return for two visits. They were Buying and Range planning groups and we had a great visit.”

Feedback from the students included…

ASDAN China:

“I learnt a lot of things about fashion, the machinery, such as the AI equipment. Thank-you very much.”

“I learnt how the factory works and about new technology to design clothes. Everything was good.”

“I have learnt about the clothing production process from this seminar. I thought that everything was very nice.”

“A great tour. First time visit to a fashion social enterprise, thanks for giving a very nice tour.”

“I learnt how this company works and how they combine with new technologies. Very, great experience.”

“I loved the talk and seeing the new developments in the industry.”

Fashion Retail Academy:

“I learnt about the production line, news ways of sampling to make it quicker and more efficient. I loved seeing all the new initiatives.”

“I found out how much effort goes into the process. Thank-you.”

“The director was lovely and answered all questions.”

“I learned a lot about what goes on behind the scenes. Lovely speaker. Great experience!”