Celebrating with the Skills and Education Group at a Parliamentary Reception

At the FTA we have continued to develop our range of qualifications in technical skills within the fashion industry, and the core Awarding Body for technical skills is the Skills and Education Group (SEG), previously known as ABC Awards.

Fashion-Enter Ltd (FEL), parent company to the FTA, has a strong working relationship with SEG and on 19th April 2023 FEL was invited to a special Parliamentary Reception at the House of Lords to celebrate the Group’s achievements.

At the reception SEG released its latest annual 2021/22 Impact Report, that includes statistics, stories, case studies and videos to showcase the successes of all parts of the Group, including Skills and Education Group Awards, Skills and Education Group Access and BIIAB.

Hard copies of the Report were also released and a digital version of the Report is available, which contains a variety of songs to provide a musical backdrop to the story of the Group.

It was wonderful to see FTA learner Mamello Atisa speaking at the reception about her learning journey. Mamello came to the FTA as an adult learner initially on the Level 1 Patterns course, she continued on to the Level 2 in Stitching and thanks to a grant from the SEG Foundation is gaining further skills on the Level 2 in Patterns. Mamello’s dream is to create her own fashion brand and it was wonderful to see her case study being held as success story at the SEG reception.