Buying and Merchandising Students Gain Insider Factory Insight

Fast Track Buying and Merchandising students from the Fashion Retail Academy joined FEL Director Caroline Ash for a deep dive into the full production process on the 4th May.

Learning all elements of the business is imperative for these students to be industry-ready and this factory tour and seminar fully explains the entire process in a way that cannot be replicated in the classroom.

The students commented:

“I think this visit was great, very insightful and interesting and beneficial for my course and project. Thank-you very much, this was great and I think I have learnt a lot!”

“I felt the presentation was very concise, she explained everything very well. I was impressed with the factory, very airy, bright and clean. The staff seemed happy.”

“Amazing information, learnt a lot about the buying and production of garments.”

“Interesting information about new technologies and speed to market. Very organised company, lovely staff, extremely surprising how the factory works on garments for well known brands. Incredible job!!!”

“Lovely presentation and communication from the tutor.”

“Thank-you so much for the experience, if I ever start building my own brand I will keep you in mind.”

“Learned lots about new technologies. Found this all super interesting! Optitex, 3D fitting, body scanners – amazing for fashion design.”