Belles Of London Launch Spring Collection!

On 11th April Belles of London celebrated the launch of their spring collection with an evening of Colour & Style at the Factory.

As the six capsule collections from each Belle were showcased, guests enjoyed Prosecco and cupcakes whilst the evening’s entertainment came courtesy of expert style and image consultants Red Leopard.

Belles of London is designed by real women for real women, with six very different capsule collections with the aim that any woman can feel confident wearing one of the styles that suits their body shape and personality. With the ethos behind the brand ensuring women feel their best, this aligned perfectly with the concept of Red Leopard – everyone can be the best version of themselves depending on the colours and styles they choose to wear!

As guests arrived they were able to meet the Belles and review each capsule collection. The collections comprise of ladies tailoring, a jumpsuit range, a young festival inspired range with dungaree shorts and boho dresses and an all linen collection designed with comfort in mind. Many commented on the quality of fabrics, and were either drawn to the bold metallic pencil skirt and trench coat in Esme’s collection or the bright silk printed shirts in Jenny’s range. There really was something for everyone!

The evening soon turned to the dynamic duo Annie and Manina from Red Leopard. Both exquisitely dressed in bold prints and shades carefully selected to suit their individual skin tones they delivered an engaging and interesting talk on the importance of colour, and how finding the right shade of colour can completely change a person’s appearance. Choose the wrong shade and you can look old, tired and drained, but selecting the right shade can immediately lift your complexion and highlight your best features. This not only has an effect on your personal confidence but also how others perceive you, and people really do make their minds up about you within the first few minutes!


Annie and Manina explained how this concept was actually a formula and the importance of colour originated from the Bauhuas movement in the early 1900’s. At the Bauhaus, four prominent artists taught colour theory, or different methods and ideas related to how colors interact and different ways to mix them. This was a powerful movement and the colour wheel was developed to show how the purest colours could then be lightened or darkened to create a huge array of hues in various forms.

Anyone can wear any colour, it is the shade of that colour that is important when wearing it next to your face. To make the process simpler Annie and Manina explained how the colour wheel has been split into four categories – summer, spring, autumn or winter and you tend to fall into one of those categories. If for example you are winter you then have a range of colours and shades you should only wear – to really be the best version of yourself and feel confident! Apparently women wear 20% of their wardrobe 80% of the time, and with disposable fashion still dominating the industry’s devastating impact on the planet, as an ethical brand Belles strongly advocates the buy once buy well ethos!

Overall the evening was a huge success! All six Belles collections can now be purchased online via the Belles of London website –

Belles will also be exhibiting at the Eco Lux Expo on 18th April, followed by the Ethical Brands for a Fashion Revolution event on 27th April and on 30th April you can find the Belles of London at the Sustainable and Ethical Fashion event in Enfield!

A huge thank you to Annie and Manina from Red Leopard! They were entertaining, insightful and a perfect fit for the Belles brand.

Annie commented –

We have just arrived home after an incredible evening with you all. What a wonderful team you have and what great energy you produce. Thank you for inviting us to speak, we love the chance to share what we know about colours and their effects and to point a finger in the direction of the STYLE of clothes that we all wear. We loved meeting your team and hope that they enjoyed the evening as much as we did.’