Assistant Buyer’s From ASOS Take the Factory Tour and Seminar

On 20th October 2022 Fashion-Enter Ltd and the FTA welcomed a group of Assistant Buyer’s from the online retail giant ASOS. 

The group were eager to learn about the latest technologies we have implemented in our micro factory set up; from the use of Optitex software to digital printing and cutting on-demand. Fashion-Enter Director, Caroline Ash, also went into detail about costings, fittings and time-scales all of which are relevant to the groups job role at ASOS.

Caroline commented: “We had Assistant Buyer’s from ASOS in for a factory seminar. A few of the group had visited the factory previously with their universities and were very interested to learn about the new technologies and how things have moved on in such a short space of time!”

Feedback from the group included:

“I went to a factory tour / visit here 4 years ago with my university (Westminster). I always enjoy the talk and find the visit so enjoyable. Thank-you.

“This was really informative and very in-depth.”

“It was great to hear about all the costings as I didn’t know all these details before.”

“I learnt about the entire factory process, it was insightful to see a different side to the industry.”

“Super interesting, it was lovely to come in and see what goes on.”

“I learnt lots about how a factory is run, and different fitting and costing tips.”

“Really good and informative, I would recommend.”

“I now have better knowledge about buying from the factory’s perspective and have learnt a lot about the production process.”