ASOS CPPD at Fashion – Enter Factory

On the 26th July Production Director Caroline Ash welcomed a large group of Assistant Buyers from for a CPPD.

As the group were from industry Caroline was able to go into detail in key areas such as sampling, costings, supplier and buyer negotiations, compliance and ethics. She also gave insight into future technologies such as Optitex, Kornit Digital printing and the Zund cutting machine and how new technology is paving the way in sustainability in fashion and textiles.

Feedback included:

“I found out how the factory is run, the changes a buyer can make and how this affects the factory CP. Caroline has a wealth of information and I really enjoyed listening and learning about everything she had to say.”

“This has been great to get a full view from development stage to the final stages of production. Breaking down costings was also very helpful and will use this knowledge going forwards in future developments. Thank-you.”

“I have learnt so much! Caroline was amazing and a incredibly knowledgable host who was extremely thorough and interesting. So much to take away with me. 10 out of 10, loved it all, thank-you so much!”

“As a first-time visitor to a factory I thought it was super informative and pitched at the right level of knowledge for me and well paced. Great to see the factory floor and the things you are working on, also to hear about the impact on people and the community.”

“Loved going on to the floor and seeing it all firsthand. Such a great session, thank-you.”

“It’s been so insightful. Really useful for my job role. It was great to see the speed of working and the talented seamstresses.”