Employees Gain Insight on Factory Tour & Seminar

On Thursday 3rd February 2022, Fashion-Enter’s Production Director, Caroline Ash, welcomed a group of seven employees from the production team at Caroline gave the group a tour and seminar of Fashion-Enter’s north London Factory and explained in-depth each step of the process and how this relates to decisions made in the production office.

Caroline also explained about the supply chain and challenges a supplier faces, along with what makes the Factory ethical and  SMETA approved. The group got to visit and watch work being carried out at the cutting table, the industrial machines – flat bed and over-locker and at the quality control stations.

Each stage was explained in detail and Caroline was open for questions from the group as they toured the floor.

Feedback was excellent and included:

“I learnt a lot about factory efficiencies and how things we request can effect the production line. Caroline is so knowledgable and she gave some great insights into the factory processes.”

“I found out about factory workings and what’s important to a factory and more about how workers are paid. It was really informative. Thank-you.”

“I learnt so much from this seminar. I loved seeing how long each process takes on the lines.”

“I found out so much about open costings and the way factories work. Really interesting to see in real life. Amazing – big thanks.”