ASOS Attends Optitex Course

On 2nd November four members of the technical team at ASOS attended a three day Optitex course at the Fashion Technology Academy, with senior pattern cutter Claire Solley.

The aim was to upskill the garment techs to use the 3D digital design tool in their day to day roles at ASOS.

EFI Optitex has become the pattern cutting CAD system of choice among some of the biggest high street retailers and is soon to become the leading fashion product development tool on the market.

The course was a great success with all four participants stating they felt confident to use the system in a working environment.

Feedback following the course included:

“I now have extensive knowledge of how to use the system so I can confidently use this for ASOS fit sessions.” Brittany

“This is the first time I have used the systems, so I learned different functions, how to use these functions to fit a garment on the 3D system, how to check pattern pieces, stitch them, measure them, add trims, change prints, colours, logos, stitches, add shrinkage, check fabric quality and texture and see the fit on the avatar.

“Claire was amazing! I was able to ask lots of questions without feeling embarrassed as she explained extremely well and demonstrated on the screen if needed. She was very friendly and patient. The information provided was very focused to what we do in our roles at work” Tansey

“I have learnt all the basics of Optitex ready to use in a working environment, I now have a good understanding of what is required and ways to use the system in the best way for me. Thanks Claire, lots of info to take in but really useful and informative!” Katrina

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