Apprenticeship Providers Ratings Revealed

In 2018 the government launched a Trip Advisor-style review tool that enables employers to rate specific aspects of the service they receive from apprenticeship providers, including; communication, assessments, progress and facilities.

The former skills minister Anne Milton believed that allowing employers to leave reviews of training providers would provide better insight than ‘tick box’ inspections.

Providers are rated by each employer on a four-point scale, ranging from ‘excellent’ (four stars) to ‘very poor’ (one star). 

Active since 2018 the review system shows that there are 1,609 providers with a rating, almost every apprenticeship provider has an average employer feedback rating of ‘good’ or ‘excellent’ and just 44 have a ‘poor’ rating.

Providers receive a ‘good’ or above rating for employer feedback if they achieve an average of 2.3 stars.

As a leading provider of fashion and textile apprenticeships Fashion-Enter Ltd has so far achieved the rating of ‘good’ and is striving to improve by listening to feedback from both employers and apprentices.

Click here to download the full spreadsheet of feedback ratings for each provider.