Apprentice Of The Year Winner Georgia Fletcher

On 6th March the Fashion Technology Academy Congratulated Georgia Fletcher on winning the Apprentice of the year award.

Georgia choose to do an apprenticeship at FTA because she because prefers to learn with a more hands on and practical approach. Georgia used to live in Scotland where she studied digital marketing, she came down to London after having been told about the facility by her friend Maisie, a current employer. Georgia has always wanted to do an apprenticeship, and explained that other students from her previous class knew a lot about designing but lacked the knowledge of what goes on during the garment making process, she felt that they didn’t understand the foundation that goes into designing, Georgia feels content that she has learnt and is still learning so many different skills and techniques that put her one step ahead.

Georgia states “It’s just so good working here in the factory because you see it all, it makes so much more sense- it’s just a really good experience, then you have the work experience at the end of it, if you don’t get a job here you’ll get a job somewhere else”

Georgia has been at FTA for nearly 6 months so far and feels like time has gone by fast because every day is different and she is always learning something new, she has learnt how to use computer programmes like Excel she is also getting involved with Admin and feels like she gets to participate in 2 different worlds

Georgia plans to pursue a career in Fashion design and says she is happy that she got to the opportunity to experience FTA first and learn how everything works.


We wish all the best to the FTA Apprentice of the year winner Georgia Fletcher