Another Happy Stitching Academy Student!

Julia Busby is a busy mother of twins aged 8 years old. Before having children, Julia worked as a PA and an executive assistant in a busy office environment.

Julia’s mother was a dressmaker so from a very young age Julia had always been interested in creating and sewing. Julia’s mother taught her various skills but it wasn’t until a couple of years ago that Julia decided to pursue her passion for fashion and join a dressmaking course. During the course Julia’s tutor noticed her talent and told her about the Fashion Technology Academy. Excited, Julia applied – Now she has completed stitching academy level 1 and is currently doing level 2. Julia says she chose to do this course because it covered garment construction and pattern cutting, these being the specific skills that she wanted to learn and develop. Julia’s biggest fear was using the Over locking sewing machines, but since joining the FTA, she now has a new found confidence and uses them with ease.

In the future Julia says that she would like to pursue a career doing something that she really enjoys and would like it to involve tailoring.

Julia comments:

“I’m very happy I came to FTA because there are so many things that I have been able to learn,  this is the place to overcome any fashion industry fear”.