Another Busy Week with Factory Tours and Seminars

This week, 28th November to 2nd December 2022, Fashion-Enter Ltd have had daily groups of students visit the Haringey factory and FTA learning facility for an informative seminar and tour. Fashion-Enter Ltd Director, Caroline Ash, has been busy informing and educating nine groups (10 – 15 individuals per group) of students from the Fashion Retail Academy as well as a group from the University of Chester.

All the students were given a seminar and a tour, stopping at each work station on the factory floor, with Caroline highlighting key information that relates to their coursework. 

Caroline commented: “We have had design and business students in this week from the Fashion Retail Academy. They were super keen to learn about future technology, were fascinated by the factory processes and we had a lively debates regarding ‘greenwashing’.

“We also had a group from Chester University in this week for the Factory Tour and seminar, they were an amazing group and were very interested in high-end production, so we spent quite a lot of the factory tour focused on our Fashion Studio.

It has been a very enjoyable and rewarding week.”

Feedback has been excellent from all that took part, and included:

“I learnt about the factory process in real life, along with sustainable materials and printing processes. Very welcoming speaker, made it an enjoyable experience.”

“I found out about sustainability throughout the supply chain. Amazing tour very interesting.”

“I have learnt a lot of behind the scenes for our buying work, and really understand what goes on in the factories.”

“I’ve learnt about future technology such as SewBots and Optitex.”

“I enjoyed the experience of seeing the design and production process.”

“Really informative and knowledgeable speaker.”

“I got more in-depth information about how to start my own brand / business and sustainability in companies and how I can be more sustainable. Really interesting to learn about.”