Angela Gains DWP Special Aids and Equipment Support to Teach at the FTA

Back in May 2022 the Fashion Technology Academy (FTA) in Haringey welcomed Angela Bedward on the Level 2 Pattern Cutting course. Angela is a wheelchair user and despite her keen passion for fashion and textiles her previous experience of getting on courses and using the equipment has been challenging.

In May the Skills and Education Group agreed to provide Angela with a grant towards the purchase of an industrial machine adapted for her needs along with help with costs of setting up her new business.

Now in October 2022, Angela has shown her excellent capabilities along with patience and empathy for others on the course which led the FTA inviting her to join the team as a part-time tutor. Angela agreed and is now on an IQA course. The Department for Work and Pensions (DWP) have been incredibly supportive too and the request for Special Aids and Equipment has been approved. Thank-you to Afzal at DWP.

Fashion-Enter Ltd (FEL) CEO, Jenny Holloway, said: “When I saw the three folders that were created by Angela on the Level 2 pattern course and the meticulous detail that she went through I just knew she would be a perfect candidate for an IQA! We have enrolled Angela onto a course and now she is working two-days a week on supporting the Level 2 pattern learners which is a full cohort this term. 

“Angela has been a positive breath of fresh air for everyone. She has great compassion and empathy for others and for us at FEL Angela really does prove that everyone is an equal and we are fully inclusive. We have big plans!”

Angela added: I am so happy my request for equipment to help assist me has been accepted. I have enrolled on a teaching course at my local college in the evening, classes will start in January and it’s important for me to gain this certificate which will help me to complete the IQA course.

I am really happy helping Lan at the FTA, who is my inspiration as a teacher. Her professional approach and her kind attention to every student amazes me and I have been taught valuable lessons on methods and techniques in her teaching that I will use in my teaching.  

I am grateful to Lan for this opportunity and I am happy to assist her and enjoy every moment.”