American Business Students Take the Insider Factory Tour

On Thursday 22nd June the FEL team welcomed a group of business students from various American Universities for an Insider Factory tour and seminar.

Leading the group was FEL Director Caroline Ash she said:

“American business students joined us this week, they were highly interested in sustainability and ethics, so we centred the seminar around these subjects. They had lots of interesting questions and were eager to understand the differences between the USA and UK in terms of progress. They also really enjoyed the factory tour and seeing all the new technology we have.”

After the seminar and tour the students commented:

“I found out about sustainable practices and how clothes are actually made. Great tour, thank-you.”

“I have a new found appreciation of where my clothes come from and who makes them!”

“It was interesting to learn how much time it takes to make a single garment. Thank-you.”

“Very informative and fast paced, but paced well and presented the content thoroughly.”

“I gained a more in-depth understanding of the production of fashion garments.”

“The info was incredible, thank-you for answering all of the questions and showing the factory honestly.”