Advanced Stitching Course With Leyla

This weekend on 14th and 15th July we are hosting a two day Advanced Stitching Course with Leyla

In this session you will learn advanced techniques for stitching and at the end of the two days, depending on your ability will have constructed your own garment.

You will learn:

How to use new machines such as felling machine, button hole and button attach.

Advanced techniques for stitching such as:

  • Jetted pockets
  • Patch pockets (with and without flaps)
  • Double yokes
  • Button plackets (cuff)
  • Front fly
  • How to fuse and fusing techniques
  • Waistband and zip attach (invisible and visible zips)
  • How to construct your own garment of your chose.

Taught by leading industry experts in our Stitching Academy this advanced sewing course is an excellent follow up from the Beginner’s and Intermediate courses or refreshers session for those with previous skills.

Book directly here  or email for further details.