A Level Business Studies Students Learn from the Factory Floor

This week (13th February) Fashion-Enter Ltd’s Director, Caroline Ash, escorted two groups from Trent College for a Factory Uncovered seminar and tour at Haringey HQ. 

Both groups consisted of Sixth Formers from the long established school based in Nottingham. As the students were from a Business course Caroline adapted the seminar to focus on FEL’s business model that included investment in technology to ultimately improve the supply chain and industry sustainability.

Caroline said: “I had 2 tours with students from Trent College this week, and both groups were from a Business Studies course. In line with their course I concentrated on that side of the business. I explained economies of scale, efficiencies, ethical production, and how digital advancements are not only improving our efficiency but the sustainability of the industry as a whole.”

Feedback from the students included:

“I learnt that not all fashion factories are sweatshops!”

“I found out about the garment lifecycle and production extension strategies.”

“I learnt about the benefits of sustainability in the fashion industry.”

“I found out what I can improve in my own clothing brand.”

“It has been interesting to understand how the fashion industry works.”

“The session was full of information with many business key terms.”

“I learnt about economies of scale.”

“I found out how manufacturers actually work and what it takes for businesses to run successfully.”

“I learnt a lot very applicable to Business  A-Level including batch production.”

“The fashion industry is much more technical than I thought.”