A – Level and GCSE Results: What Next?

It’s that time of year again when A-Level and GCSE students get to find out if they’ve got the grades that they were hoping for. 

In England results days are:

A-Level results – Thursday 17th August

GCSE results – Thursday 24th August

At Fashion-Enter Ltd (FEL) we understand that A-Level and GCSE result days can be both exciting, and at the same time, nerve-racking. Places at University or higher education are at stake with specific grade criteria needing to be met. For many young adults this is a time of anxiety as they try to negotiate their next step into further education or the world of work.

If your interests lie in the fashion and textile industry then we are pleased to say that university isn’t the only route of entry! Here’s a list of options that you could consider.

+ Further education, college courses. At FEL’s educational arm, the Fashion Technology Academy (FTA), we offer further education courses in a broad range of subjects including; stitching, pattern cutting, tailoring, fashion design and business and more. 

The FTA has campuses in Haringey, Islington and Leicester, and offers courses that are not entry grade specific, tap here to find out more about FEL’s courses. The new academic year at the FTA starts 4th September 2023 and concessions are available.

+ An apprenticeship or traineeship. Earn while you learn with an apprenticeship. The FTA works with a wide range of fashion industry employers such as Margaret Howell, Mint Velvet, ASOS and Marks & Spencer where an apprentice is based with their employer 4-days a week and learning at the FTA 1-day a week. Most apprenticeships require Level 2 in English and Maths as a minimum. Tap here to find out more about FTA apprenticeships.

+ Join the workplace. Prepare your cover letter and CV, utilise websites such as LinkedIN and Fashion Workie, offering entry level jobs, internships and placements.

+ Stay on at Sixth form. Retake exams that you would like a better grade in.

+ Work experience or volunteering. Great for the CV, work experience or volunteering roles can show reliability, commitment, improve employability skills such as working in a team or learning a new discipline.

+ Start your own business idea. At the FTA we have courses that incorporate design with business with the aim of nurturing start-up brand ideas. This all-encompassing course prepares students to understand the different aspects of fashion, so they are business ready for either a career within the industry or to launch their own brand. For those that have a sound design concept and business plan the Fashion Studio at FEL’s Haringey HQ can support on sampling, printing and small scale production.

+ Job share. Today job roles are more flexible and it’s not unusual for individuals to have more than one job. It might mean getting a money job alongside developing a business idea, creative job or perhaps interning / volunteering.

Remember there are many pathways available from; working your way up, completing short courses, to apprenticeships and developing your own business ideas. We are here to help. Contact: education@fashion-enter.com

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