A Full Week of Educational Tours and Seminars at FEL HQ

This week, commencing 26th February, was jam-packed full of educational groups ready to learn about the fashion industry and the full garment development cycle.

Led by Fashion-Enter Ltd Director, Caroline Ash, she said: “Its been an incredibly busy week, we started this week off with Buckswood School A-Level students. There were an impressive group, they really knew their subject and asked loads of relevant questions. It was the first time they had seen a business in action and they loved all of it. 

“We then had another A-Level class from the Royal School Wolverhampton. There is an Edexcel exam this year based on “The Fashion Industry” so this will be one of many! 

“This was followed by an international tour from Brazil, they really enjoyed the tour, especially the micro-factory and Styleverse Innovation Centre, and were a great group. 

“Then came the Priory School of Lady Walsingham, again with A-Level business students, we made sure we covered their current curriculum which they found the visit really informative.

“This was followed by Emma from from Exeter University, she brought her second year BA Honours Fashion Design students, who were a lovely group and already very knowledgable. I really enjoyed teaching them and we got great feedback.

“We finished off the week with King Edward VI Handsworth Wood Girls’ Academy, another Business A-Level group. We received excellent feedback from the students and teachers and it was a lovely way to end the week.”


Feedback included…

Buckswood School

“I learnt about key things in the fashion market. I loved it!!!”

“I learnt about the importance of speed to market and how larger companies practice more FOB with their suppliers due to their increased negotiating power. Thank-you.”

“I found out about the fashion industry and its process of production. Really good explanations.”

“The seminar was fantastic but in my opinion, a break in the middle would have been nice as it is a lot of information in a short period of time.”

Royal School Wolverhampton

“Very good. This was the first factory tour I have been on and I learnt a lot. Will definitely help in the exam.”

“I learnt about key aspects of the fashion industry. Inspiring experience.”

“I really enjoyed the first-hand experience I got from this factory and it was very relatable to the topics we do at school. Would go again.”

“The seminar and tour was helpful and will help me in my exam.”

Priory School of Lady Walsingham

“I loved the process and overall presentation of the concepts. Ms Ash is an amazing communicator and I have learned a lot about production processes in-person. Thanks very much for having me.”

“I have learnt about greenwashing and how AI and virtual reality is developing in fashion.”

“The seminar has re-familiarised me with the terms and topics I have been learning about at school.”

“I learnt about the construction and business side of the industry and how money is spent.”

King Edward VI Handsworth Wood Girls’ Academy:

“I have learnt how the fashion industry links to my Business A-Level. I have been able to see things such as economies of scale in real life.”

“Everything was explained in detail and it was really good.”

“Well organised and good communication.”

“I’ve learnt about the strengths and weaknesses of the fashion industry. Great speaker, love the designs.”

“I found out about the different types of production there is. The way the fashion industry works. An insight into Fashion-Enter. Thank-you for everything.”