A Busy Week for Educational Factory Tours

This week, 16th – 20th January 2023, we had a diverse range of students visit for our popular factory uncovered tour and seminar. Each seminar and tour is adapted in line with the students studies and core modules and this week we had students from architecture and business courses as well as fashion.

Fashion-Enter’s Production Director, Caroline Ash was kept busy with six tours for Fashion Retail Academy students along with learners from Kimbolton School and Reading University. 

Kimbolton School is an independent private school for boys and girls near Cambridge, the group consisted of 6th formers studying Business, so Caroline gave an overview of how the fashion industry works and the business model Fashion-Enter aligns to.

On the Kimbolton group Caroline said: “They were a fabulous group, full of very intelligent questions. Obviously, this was their first time in a factory, which they loved but they were very interested in the entire process which they said gave them a good basis for University.”

Mid-week Caroline gave a very different seminar when she had a group of architecture students from Reading University. The group were gaining industry research for their current project; to turn a warehouse space into a fashion hub for the local community to design, pattern make and gain sewing skills.

Caroline commented: The students have a really exciting project to turn a warehouse into a fashion space for the local community. So the tour was centred on the key requirements to set up a factory, the equipment required, the flow of garment production, Health and Safety plus recycling. It was really interesting to address these issues with them.” 

The rest of the week was filled with students from the Fashion Retail Academy, all on fashion specific courses wanting to learn more for their coursework.

Feedback from Fashion Retail Academy students included:

“I have learned a lot about sustainability and greenwashing. It was very informative and helpful for my project.”

“I learnt a lot it was eye-opening.”

“I found out about the stages of making clothing. Facts about the downside of sustainable fashion. I really enjoyed it, thank-you.”

“I have widened my knowledge on sustainability and how garments are made.”

“I’ve learnt in detail about the garment making process. I also found out about minimum wages in different countries.”

Feedback from Reading University Architecture students included:

“Many thanks for sharing invaluable information and expertise. This tour will really help the students with their design project and connection to local community spaces.”

“I learnt about the correct conditions required for the design and manufacture of garments.  Excellent speaker, very informative. Brilliant conditions and quality garments.”

“It was good to see firsthand the environment we’re making as it’s not usually accessible. Speaker was very informative.”