8 Important Steps For Internships And Placements

So got a placement coming up? Keep reading! Here are some of the all important steps that you need to take into mind in ensuring you make a good intern.

Get The Name Right

The first steps in getting an internship is applying. Whether its by email or over the phone employers just don’t have the time for those that don’t make that first good impression and spell check is your stepping stone. No my name is not Zara or Zoey, so make sure things are spelt right, especially names!

Some companies may also get offended if you don’t get their company name right, so make sure any emails you send are spell checked before you hit that send button!

Research Research Research

Got an internship at a smaller company? It’s still important that you research into the company, their services and what they do. Will you be writing for the company? Read past examples online of work on their website, how they like things done. What type of tone do they take when writing? Is is opinion based or statistics?

Researching can also help you in preparing yourself for the type of tasks you can expected to take part in. Production company? – Sample runs!

Make An Impression

You’re working in fashion so take advantage of that. Some of the fun of working in a fashion environment is showing some of your favourite pieces off in the office, in form of your stylish getups. Clothing is a great talking tool too, there’s nothing more that we like talking about then our latest purchases, but don’t spend too much time swapping shopping destinations, there’s work to be done!

Oh this jacket, its Rag and Bone AW13; we’re impressed.


Don’t pull faces – we get it no one likes filing away folders. But it has to be done, experience the high and lows of the experience. Keep your expectations high, but don’t expect to be straight in the doors on your first day and working alongside the designer, attending an exclusive event by the second.

Offer To Make The Teas

It’s one you hear over and over yet there are few that will step up to the plate, (or in this case the kettle) and actually offer to make their colleagues a drink. We rarely get the time and offering it really makes a good impression, if you know how to use a coffee machine and make a good latte you’re in!

Think Before You Speak

In the nicest way possible, is it important? Do you need to interrupt a meeting for a call regarding moving to a new internet provider? Using your initiative really helps. Just think can you Google it, before you need to start asking questions?

on the other hand…

Do Ask Questions

If unsure on a task, although it may be daunting, asking questions is the best way to go about it. It shows your not afraid to approach or ask questions, especially if you have your own interpretation to add the to task. It’s better to double check you know what your doing before taking a guess and getting it wrong and needing to redo, it wastes time and won’t leave a good impression.

Keep In Contact

Sending over articles or just dropping that odd email, even asking if they need any help in the future with events always helps a company remember an intern. A helpful hint is to follow the company on twitter and reply or retweet some of their tweets, it helps show your face as well as giving the impression you take interest in the company and want to help with promoting their work. This way you can also keep up to date on upcoming events and offer a future helping hand.

That’s that! Now follow the above 8 steps and you’re well on your way to being the perfect fashion intern!