7 Groups of FRA Students Gain Firsthand Industry Insight

This week, 21st  – 25th November 2022, we welcomed more students from the Fashion Retail Academy in central London for our popular Factory Uncovered tour and seminar. A total of seven groups came in, one or two groups per day, each day of the week!

Fashion-Enter Ltd Director, Caroline Ash was kept busy with students from Fashion Retail Academy courses including; Fashion Design, Buying and Merchandising and Fashion Business. Caroline adapted the tour and presentation in line with the students course modules to enrich their on-site learning experience. All groups got to walk around the factory and see garment construction as it happens in real time. Caroline informed them at each stage about the process and the best practices a factory needs to adhere to.

Caroline said: “We have had students from the Fashion Retail Academy in each day of the week, including Design and Business students. Even though we adapted the presentations, they all loved the opportunity to see a live factory working and understand the whole garment lifecycle.

“By Friday 25th November we had another 2 fab groups from the Fashion Retail Academy in for the ethical factory tour and seminar. A lot of the attendees wanted to start their own business so we went quite in-depth into the pitfalls to avoid. We got great feedback, a lovely end to the week.” 

A selection of feedback included:

“I learnt about the process of getting from design to finished garment. Really helpful and informative.”

“I found out how factories operate and all the work that goes into one garment.”

“The seminar taught me about how factories work and sustainability.”

“I learnt how many different steps go into the garment making process.”

“Very informative. Feel my knowledge of creating a sustainable collection has furthered.”

“I have learnt a lot today. Loved seeing the factory and the speaker was great.”

“Overall, a very insightful experience which is very helpful for my project. Very informative.”

“I enjoyed this experience and this information will be useful for the project.”

“Very informative. Feel my knowledge of creating a sustainable collection has furthered.”