6th March: A Busy Week of Tours & Seminars at the Factory

Fashion-Enter Ltd Director Caroline Ash had another busy week of tours and seminars at our Haringey HQ, here she explains who dropped in and the topics they covered… 

The week began, 6th March, with a seminar for a huge financial institution. The aim was for the group to have an in-depth understanding of the industry and increase their knowledge to ensure accurate advice for their investors. 

The group were very interested in ethics and wanted to understand how our transparent PLM  system “Galaxius” system enables data to show who made what garment, when and how much they were paid. The Galaxius system prevents infringement of the Modern Slavery Act, this, and  obviously sustainability, were big subjects, along with and speed of response production and one piece flow. 

We then had international students from Montclair State University, New Jersey, USA with us twice this week. This was the first time they have visited us and we got great feedback from them. In the first seminar we covered the factory tour, the whole garment lifecycle, and a discussion on why restoring is occurring, the problems that suppliers face along with inclusive clothing. For our second seminar we had an in-depth look at sustainability, greenwashing and how one piece flow works, then we went onto the future of the fashion industry and had a tour of our Kornit printing technology, which they loved. 

Mid-week saw two groups from the London College of Fashion, who were on the first year of a Buying Course, brave the snow! They felt the seminar expanded their knowledge and understanding of the garment lifecycle and enjoyed the insights into the manufacturing process. 

We then had a mixed group of students from Regents University in on Thursday. They were  a lovely enthusiastic group, they asked lots of question and it was a very enjoyable seminar all round. They gained a lot in information that reinforced what they had been studying plus an understanding of economies of scale in our factory versus very high end short run production in our Fashion Studio.

Feedback from the financial institution:

“Thank-you for a fantastic day, highly informative, transparent and inspirational to push our investments in the right direction.”

“Very strong overview of the process and industry, I liked the interactiveness.”

“Extremely insightful! I learned a lot about the opportunities and challenges of sourcing locally, and the sustainability doesn’t need to come at a net loss.”

“I learnt how clothing is produced and some of the common things companies do when greenwashing.”

Montclair State University, New Jersey, USA:

“I am so grateful to be able to visit your factory and go behind the scenes of your hardworking staff.”

“I learnt how garments are made from start to finish. I really enjoyed this informative tour and session.”

“I have learned behind the scenes of how a clothing factory works. Loved this!”

“I have never gotten to see the inside of a garment making factory and it was absolutely lovely and so informative.”

“I learned more about the process each garment goes through before being sent out. Seeing each step in person was really cool. Thank-you.”

“I learned about clothing made for the disabled community and thought it was really interesting.”

“I learned that this company made some of the ballgown for the film The School of Good and Evil and I loved that film.”

London College of Fashion:

“It’s a great experience which has expanded my knowledge in the fashion industry.”

“It was very informative and I feel has been a very valuable experience, thank-you.”

“I feel like it has given me a better understanding of what to look for in a factory as a potential buyer.”

“This was my first experience in a garment factory, which is really interesting. Lots of high tech machines which are sustainable.”

Regents University London:

“I really loved this experience and opportunity to visit the factory. It was really educational and eye-opening.”

“The visit to the factory was a very interesting and amazing experience. Thank-you for sharing all the information. I enjoyed it very much.”

“My visit to Fashion-Enter was very affirmative and enjoyable thanks to Caroline. Thank-you for being so welcoming and jolly.”