3 Day Vetigraph Course

The three day digital pattern making course Vetigraph took place at the Fashion Technology Academy from 22nd January – 24th January.

Vetigraph is a world renowned software that provides CAD/ CAM solution for the fashion industry and many more industries worldwide, the software was produced to provide user friendly CAD solutions that are easy to implement. There are several benefits for a designer using Vetigraph including; improvements in cutting quality, control and reduction of costs at the sampling stage, instant product costing and much more.


The aim of the course was to equip learners with the fundamental skills to create accurate first patterns and to simplify the grading process. Vetigraph tutor Clemence Amaral Pereira provided her invaluable expertise of the software and the use of the software. Learners were taught multiple processes including; creating a skirt block, generating patterns creating darts and pleats. Majority of the students had already a mixture of industry worthy skills, but joined the course to broaden their skills and knowledge with the use of Vetigraph’s unique and modern software.

Overall, a great success!

Here are a few comments:

“I have been given a clear view of how to use Vetigraph in a way that was easy to understand and very helpful for future use. I have really enjoyed this course and the atmosphere, as it was a relaxed environment with no pressures! Thank you very much” Stephanie

“I have learnt how Vetigraph is a much better and easier software to use. I have been able to learn how to create my own block pattern (which I’ve never done) and the whole process of the digital pattern cutting from start to finish. I have really enjoyed the experience and I’m certain it was worth it. It has been fantastic few days!” Sophie

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