2022 A Busy Year for FEL Wales

Fashion-Enter Ltd Wales has been keeping busy this past year with production, apprentices, learners and events, here FEL Wales Commercial Manager, Eddie Bebb, does a quick review…

Wool Project

FEL Wales worked on a collaboration with Landlords ‘The Potter Group’ to present a feasibility study to Smart Cymru Wales, the objective was to research the creation of a Novelle yarn from a closed loop recycling system to combine traditional Welsh wool with modern sustainable recovered fibres, to create both local sustainability and circular economy benefits through the entire supply chain. The project was taken one step beyond the feasibility stage as the team were able to produce a physical swatch made from wool blended with SNR (synthetic Nylon Rummage).

The Fashion Event Catwalk Show

FEL Wales presented the region’s fashion and textile talent by combining Fashion-Enter’s manufacturing expertise with creative input from the students at NPTC Group of Colleges – Newtown College at The Fashion Event.

New Customers…

The past year has seen FEL Wales attract 3 exciting new customers:

Lime Tree Designs

We have made hankies, bandanas and tunics from Tana Lawn cotton fabrics. We are also in the process of developing a full length Kimono.

Kick Ass Softwear

Developed a pair of boxer shorts with local company Kick Ass.This led to a launch order in excess of 600 units – Awaiting repeats.

Turtle Doves (Not Just Gloves)

In the last month or so we engaged with Shropshire based Co Turtle Doves who make clothing accessories from repurposed cashmere. At present we are making 200 or so neck warmers every week with a view to extended our portfolio in the New Year.

Powys Pioneers

FEL Wales participated in the Heritage festival which was held in the Pryce Jones building celebrating the lives of:

Robert Owen

Pryce Jones

David Davies

Laura Ashley

This was a great opportunity to showcase our own ‘In House’ ‘Spyce Jones’ brand which features aprons, tea towels and oven gloves. A number of ex-Laura Ashley colleagues attended the event and they were very interested in how FEL Wales had rescued the sewing machinists and created a new factory in such an iconic location, synonymous with the creation of the mail order concept.

Media Interest

FEL Wales has featured in Welsh language programmes. ‘Y Ffatri’ told the story of how FEL Wales saved the sewing machinists following the closure of the Laura Ashley factory and also how a rather tired former outlet store was turned into a modern factory within a matter of months.

Welsh TV channel S4C visited the site in November, ’Cynefin’ (Translated as Habitat) wanted to tell the story of how ex-Laura Ashley employees lives had changed since the closure of the company. As the name of the programme would suggest it told the story of how the entire workforce had found a new home within the same town.

Apprentices and Learners

Over the course of the year we have taught and supported new stitchers on the Level 1 Stitching course and passed on our expertise to FEL apprentices working and learning in our factory environment.