2 Groups From the Fashion Retail Academy Gain On Site Experience

Over 2 days, 15th and 16th November 2022, Fashion-Enter Ltd (FEL) Director, Caroline Ash welcomed two large groups of students studying at the Fashion Retail Academy.

The Fashion Retail Academy is a unique, industry-led college. Founded by fashion and retail businesses, the Academy offers a range of specialist fashion courses and is based in central London.

FEL’s factory tours and seminars provide attendees with a firsthand experience of the fashion production process, from initial design through to patterns, sampling and construction. Each tour is adapted in line with modules from the students course to ensure that they get an experience that is relevant to their studies. A trip to Unit 4 and the FashTech  Innovation Centre is also a part of the tour giving the students the chance to see cutting edge one-piece-flow technology.

Caroline commented: “We had two groups from the Fashion Retail Academy in two consecutive days for the factory tour and seminar. They were second year design students and as usual loved the factory tour and were really surprised by the speed of the machinists.” 

Fashion Retail Academy tutor Sarah Hansford said: “I love bringing my students to Fashion-Enter. It’s so valuable to see real production first hand and the learn about new technologies and how they are being utilised to make the process quicker and more sustainable – and all this in London!”

Feedback from the students included:

“I found out how factories work and the in’s and out’s of garment manufacturing. Very interesting.”

“I have learnt how a factory works and garments are manufactured. Lovely speaker and atmosphere.”

“I enjoyed the whole experience as well as being shown new things such as the digital printing machines.”

“Thank-you for this seminar, I found it very informative looking at the business side of the industry.”

“I found out about sustainability in manufacturing and about the machines. Thank-you!”

“I’ve gained more knowledge on the manufacturing process, the importance for sustainability, information on starting your own brand and manufacturing products.”

“I’ve learnt how the factory works closely with brands to help with production.”