10 Soft Skills Employers Are Looking For

Ever wondered what soft skills are highly appreciated within the workplace?  CV-Library revealed their top 10 soft skills that make people more employable and likeable at work.

With over 600 registered personality traits, CV-Library whittled the number down to 10:

1. Positivity

Here at the FTA and Fashion Enter, we believe that a positive mind and attitude can result in greater achievements and a friendlier working environment. Being positive can also inspire colleagues!

2. Being Approachable

Having a bad day?  Need to talk to your CEO about an important matter?  Being approachable is ranked as the second most important personality trait at work.

The team were approachable and inspiring from a ‘do it yourself and be genuine in what you’ attitude.”  

3. Sense of Humour

A sense of humour can lighten the mood in the workplace ensuring that it is not all work and no play!  If you are based in offices, a sense of humour can enable staff to have a laugh and release some stress that the hard-working day brings.

4. Open-Mindedness

Even when you may not necessarily agree with the actions or thoughts of another, being open-minded will allow you to consider and gain insight into other courses of action.  Here at Fashion Enter we keep an open mind and listen to the opinions of all of our staff to make the workplace better for all.

5. Honesty

Everyone makes mistakes the key is to learn from them and not make them again.”

Honesty is definitely an important trait here at Fashion Enter. In difficult situations or if a mistake has been made we believe that honesty is key.

6. Compassion

Being mindful, having self-compassion, giving back and listening to your colleagues when they are having a bad day all fall into the trait of compassion.  If you are seen to be compassionate in the workplace you may find people see you as being more approachable and friendly.

7. Confidence

Ranking at the seventh most important trait, confidence is crucial within the workplace.  Whether it is being confident in your own words or work, or even in the work of others.

“I feel confident to move on and use the skills I have learnt here.”

8. Motivation/Being Motivating

Motivation to do well on both a personal level and within a working team can enable a company to move forward by setting goals to keep the team in high spirits.  Jenny Holloway, the CEO, is a key player when it comes to motivating the team.  Fashion Enter colleagues state that they find to her be a motivating mentor making them want to achieve more.

9. Enthusiasm

Enjoyment, interest and approval all define enthusiasm.  If one team player is enthusiastic their energy is likely to spread to others in the workplace, which will see the whole team become enthusiastic, often leading to a happier time at work and goals being achieved.

10. Patience

There are times when we can all be impatient, however, if we take the time to be patient we are more likely to see the results that we want.

Do you agree with the above list?  What do you think are important traits for your colleagues to have?

If you want to improve on your own personality traits, we offer masterclasses and mentoring that will be sure to boost your confidence, motivation levels and more.