FTA Teaches Pattern Cutting at the Fabric Lab

Throughout June, Fashion Technology Academy (FTA) pattern tutor Manuela has headed up a weekly pattern course with Fabric Lab, part of the Every One Every Day project.

The Every One Every Day project is currently based in Dagenham, East London, builds on ‘hands on’ projects for the community to share, learn and get involved with. These include food growing, tree planting, trading, making, repairing and more.

Fabric Lab is a new fabric studio based at the Heathway Neighbourhood Shop in Dagenham where attendees can learn all things sewing and fabric related. As part of the learning offer FEL provided weekly pattern cutting tuition with tutor Manuela. The four week plan was structured to ensure that learners could understand and digest all the knowledge and develop step by step.

Manuela commented: “Last week I completed my last session with the learners at the Fabric Lab and it all went well. It was a pleasure sharing our course programme with the Dagenham community. The learners were all super enthusiastic and eager to update their skills. They all worked so well as team and I was so impressed at how they supported each other along the way. They were a group of wonderful women with a passion for sewing, it was a pleasure collaborating with Fabric Lab and Every One Every Day.”

The feedback from the learners on this project was brilliant and it has been amazing to see the enthusiasm and knowledge growth over the month long course.

Feedback included:

“I learnt about pattern cutting with reference to making a skirt block.”

“All was brilliant. All the steps were very clear to understand. This workshop was very helpful for me. Thanks a lot.”

“The lesson was structured well, I can’t praise Manuela enough. She is informative, patient and very helpful.”

“It was a brilliant course for me, I am now more confident at pattern understanding and making. Thank-you very much.”

“Please can we continue this course to perfect what we have started. Thanks.”

“The teacher created time to listen and correct mistakes. She was firm and respectful and I would say excellent.”

“I learnt a lot from Manuela – how to pattern cut, as I have never done it before. She was very good, patient and took her time to explain the details. I was happy with her in general.”

“This is my first time doing pattern drafting and cutting. I truly enjoyed the course. Manuela made the course so lovely and easy. I cannot believe I’ve go this far! I absolutely love your patience Manuela, an amazing teacher with real life situation examples. I wish we could keep you permanently as our teacher.”