FCFTA Leicester to Pilot Multiply Programme for Textiles

FCFTA Leicester have been selected to pilot the Government’s Multiply Programme for the textile sector in the area.

This programme is the first priority of the UK Shared Prosperity Fund (UKSPF) and has the potential to run for up to 3-years. The aim of Multiply is to help people improve their ability to understand and use Maths in daily life, home and work. People with improved numeracy skills are more likely to gain employment and have a better wellbeing.

Improved numeracy also matters to businesses, those that develop their employees numeracy skills can boost productivity, increase profits and improve employee retention.

Fashion-Enter Ltd Deputy CEO Jackie Bertram said: “It’s great that the textile sector will have its own spotlight in this programme. By making numeracy part of the day-to-day and workplace makes it relatable to the learners.”

The pilot will run from January to end March 2023.