Factory Tours & CPPD – “Really Insightful Day”

This past week, commencing 5th June, FEL Director Caroline Ash adapted the CPPD factory tour and seminar for a group of employees from George at Asda as well as an international student group from Texas State university.

Caroline said: “We had 2 groups in this week, one from various departments of Asda, who found the information very beneficial and interesting and the new technology an eye opener, they really enjoyed their time with us seeing the different processes we use in manufacturing. 

“The other group was Texas State University who were particularly interested in ethics and sustainability, as usual the factory tour was a huge hit.”

The Asda group commented:

“Really insightful day, it has filled in the gaps of my knowledge and has provided me with a better understanding of manufacturing all round.”

“I loved seeing the printing machines and 3D aspects and seeing how that fits in practice.”

“Found this really interesting. Loved watching the higher end garments being made and the printing machines.”

“Very engaging course, lots of interesting points and visuals to help understanding, friendly team.”

“Very informative and engaging, great pace and knowledgable speakers.”

The Texas State University group added:

“I learnt about the time costs of ethical choices in manufacturing.”

“Really valuable to diverse fashion interests! Whatever stage you find yourself in the process.”

“I learnt how technology is effecting / aiding the manufacturing process.”