Excellent Seminar and Tour Feedback from University and Academy Students

Fashion-Enter Ltd Director, Caroline Ash, has had another busy week (week commencing 16th October) with seminars and tours for University and Academy students.

Caroline said: “This week was very busy with Westminster University booking out a whole day on Monday for which we received very good feedback.”











Westminster Uni students


Feedback from the students from the University of Westminster included:

“This was the first time visiting a factory and I had a lot of fun and gained lots of insights from “behind the scenes” of a garment.”

“Great, engaging and informative speaker. Very helpful and friendly. Clear and transparent.”

“I came two-years ago. It has been great to see how Fashion-Enter has developed and expanded into more digital sampling and developing.”

“Caroline’s passion and enthusiasm is amazing and rubs off on you.”

“Love the visit!”

“Very informative tour and speech, it was a transformative experience that showed me an insight into the same details of garment construction.”

“The speaker was very pleasant, knowledgable and open to any questions. It was a great experience! Thank-you!”


Caroline continues: “We then had the Fashion Retail Academy return with groups from their Fashion Design and Business courses keeping me busy for the rest of the week. They had an end-of-term project based around sustainability so as well as the usual seminar we talked a lot about this and how they could incorporate what they had learnt with us into their project. We had really good discussions on this subject plus loads of questions.”











Fashion Retail Academy students











Feedback from the Fashion Retail Academy students included:

“The speaker was truly inspiring and had me interested throughout which I sometimes struggle with. It has also really inspired me to work hard and eventually start my own business.”

“I learnt how clothes are made in detail. Caroline was very useful and enthusiastic about giving knowledge.”

“I really enjoyed the tour of the venue and it was a real eye-opener into the industry.”

“I learnt a lot about AI and the metaverse. The lady speaking was lovely.”

“This is a very unique experience, considering the useful feedback and insights.”

“It was a good, information packed speech, learnt a lot to help build my company.”

“I learnt about a factory that is sustainable and ethical and one that isn’t. Thanks! Caroline is very kind and engaging.”

“Caroline was a lovely speaker and made the tour fun and informative.”

“Speaker was clear and easy to understand and explained things well.”

“Learnt loads about fashion production, buying, sustainability, and the processes behind the factory.”