Understanding Seam Pucker with Gütermann

On 9th May Barrie Spencer from Gütermann gave a Masterclass on the causes and solutions to seam pucker to the Level 3 garment technology apprentices.

A&E Gütermann is one of the most traditional and experienced producers of premium sewing threads worldwide. The presentation looked at the history of threads compared to modern day, new technology, seam pucker, relationship between the needle and thread and sewing stretch fabrics.

Barrie explained: ‘All sewing thread extend during the sewing process. Over time, after sewing, the thread relaxes (shortens). As a reaction of this shortening the seam contracts and puckering occurs.’

As garment technologists the apprentices found the information invaluable to their job roles:

‘I have learnt from this seminar the relationship between needles, threads and fabric. The different types of puckering and the reasons behind slippage. It was a great talk! I learnt so much and it was so interesting. A subject that could have been made ‘boring’ was made so interesting. Loved it! Ria, Garment Tech apprentice Topshop

‘I have learnt about threads and how they work with different fabrics, what causes puckering and how tension can effect fabric and thread. Very educational and interesting.’ Naznin, Garment Tech apprentice, M&Co.

‘I know understand the relationship between fabric, needles and thread which I have never been taught before. Loved it! Can he come back to do more talks?’ Chloe, Garment Tech apprentice, ASOS

Huge thank you to Barrie and Gütermann for such an insightful Masterclass!