TR Pattern Cutting Taster Course

On 10th November we hosted another installment of the TR pattern cutting taster course with the 'queen of seams' and 5 times master cutter Claudette Joseph. 

In the three hour workshop the learners were taught the basic fundamental technique behind TR - transformational reconstruction pattern cutting - an origami design technique used to create incredible shapes. In this workshop Claudette taught how to create a bamboo style sleeve pattern, and the results were incredible!

Take a look at the comments below - 

'Today I have learnt the TR Cutting bamboo technique. Claudette explained everything so well and I was surprised at how easy it was!' Dibs

'How to cut a bamboo style TR sleeve pattern. I thoroughly enjoyed the course. I am excited for what the future holds for me knowing that I can develop this skill. Claudette is a great teacher, explained everything every step of the way.' Diana

'Fantastic workshop, I can finally do something I have seen on Youtube! I just enjoyed this so much - a great teacher!' Dee

'Really insightful, hands on taster course, absolutely something I want to continue learning. I would like to continue with the bespoke tailoring training to maintain a foundation in 2D pattern cutting, then introduce these methods into my creations.' Finnian 

'I enjoyed every bit of the course. The teacher is really good at what she does!' Olanike  

We will host another taster course in the new year, to register your interest please email education@fashion-enter.com