The Delegation from China factory visit

On March 2nd Fashion Enter and the FTA welcomed the delegation from China for a factory visit, among the attendees were fashion lecturers. Upon arrival they were greeted by a lovely member of staff, then lead upstairs where they were introduced to CEO Jenny Holloway and given an introduction presentation into the all the different sections Fashion Enter has to offer, Jenny also explained crucial information about what buyers look for when ordering garments and she explained different stitching techniques. After the presentation the attendees were lead down stairs where they got to see the factory and everyone in action. Our studio Director Jenny Beth then took over the tour and explained all the aspects of a more intimate design process, she showed pieces that individual designers had made and explained all the time and hard work that goes into them, to finish the tour Jenny Beth showed the attendees the stitching academy, where one of the tutors explained how delicate some pieces are to create.

All in all the tour was a success and we thoroughly enjoyed receiving the delegation from China.

One of the attendee’s comments:

“Very interesting, very dynamic environment. The work here is different from China, we love how there is lots of creativity. We want to have our own brand so we will definitely be keeping in touch.” Mr Sue