Strategies for Handling Stress Masterclass

On Thursday 21st November, Eric Gilston, Life & Business Coach, and author of Amazon Best Seller, The Life Coach’s Toolbox, ran a workshop at the Fashion Technology Academy, titled: 'Strategies for Handling Stress'.

The workshop was very interactive, and those present left with a better understanding about stress, plus the causes of stress. Most important of all, they left with knowledge and actions for what to do when stress arises, as well as learning some preventative actions to take. The workshop covered the usefulness of Mindfulness and the power of Visualisation.

Some of the feedback included: “I can manage my stress now, so the workshop has been fantastic." 

“Eric’s tips on how to relieve my stress were excellent." 

“Everything that Eric has taught me today was really useful for my everyday living. I am so grateful I met him”.