South Essex College & London metropolitan University factory visit

On March 23rd, Fashion Enter welcomed two groups of students for a factory tour, one group of BA Fashion Design students from South Essex College and one group from London metropolitan University

Upon arrival the two groups of students were introduced to Director Jenni Sutton who commenced the tour with an introduced presentation into the many sections that Fashion Enter has to offer. The Students were then introduced to Production Director Caroline Ash, who continued the visit with a factory tour. Caroline explained the crucial health and safety precautions to take whilst on the factory floor and then explained every stage of the garment life cycle, from fabric delivery to quality control to the final stage when the garments are packed to ship, Caroline also explained how the factory calculates standard minutes.  The tour continued with a visit upstairs to the Fashion Studio, here students were explained every detail from what a tech pack is to the last stages of creating the samples. The students also got the opportunity to see the machinist carefully at work producing samples.

Overall the South Essex college BA Fashion Design students & London metropolitan students really enjoyed their visit and gained valuable knowledge about the Garment production process.

Here are a few comments from the attendees

“Fantastic – I think you’ve taught my students more than I have in the entire course” Olivia - London metropolitan University

“These talks are definitely helpful and I think more students should experience this as it is more realistic than being in a class room” Carla – South Essex College

“The staff are really friendly and approachable. I would not mind working here and gaining valuable skills. Thank you for the opportunity to take a look around” Charlotte - South Essex College

“It was a great experience” Nicole - London metropolitan University

“Really enjoyed today, I feel I’ve learnt a lot and it was a real eye opener in this industry” Nicole - South Essex College