River Island Garment Technologists visit The Factory

On 16th January we hosted our first CPPD ‘Factory Uncovered’ workshop of the year with a cohort of garment techs from River Island.

CPPD is an on-going and continual process of both personal and professional growth that improves the capability of an individual to realise their full potential. Fashion Enter delivers CPPD training for industry professionals seeking deep rich learning in a live factory environment to ensure full understanding of the complete garment life cycle is achieved.
The Factory Uncovered provides a unique insight into garment production looking at what makes a manufacturer ethical, what are the dirty tricks used by some factories and what to look out for when visiting factories, core machine operations and how long it takes to stitch a garment, importance of metal detectors, why deliveries are late and much more!
Today’s workshop also incorporated a session with senior pattern cutter Julia who discussed the importance of understanding your customers body shape, common faults in fittings and pattern amendments.
Feedback included:
‘Very in-depth insight to the industry and great understanding of how to alleviate everyday issues’ Anamika, Garment Technologist

‘More in-depth pattern consideration for fit, commercial decisions – how processes realistically work in production to achieve looks and finishes that are required at prices needed’ Emily, Kids tech

‘I have learnt terms I have never heard of before such as cabbage! Very thorough review of compliance. A thoroughly enjoyable day. I have definitely taken new knowledge from this’ Kelly, garment tech

‘It has been a great session, very informative’ Seema, Garment Tech

We look forward to the next CPPD workshop which will take place with the Arcadia group next month!