River Island attend first CPPD

Have you ever wondered why raincoats or long dresses come in short from manufacturers; could it be "cabbage" at the root of the problem!

The talented River Island team of Kidswear Assistant buyers discussed how to look for cabbage in a factory, how is it made and how to prevent it occurring! Being a social enterprise that has a leading Fast Forward status means that we can show the future budding buyers of tomorrow exactly how to spot sharp practices and ensure ethical and transparent trading occurs for their designs and collections. 

As part of the workshop particular attention was also paid to metal contamination and the importance of the metal free zone. RI have a very strict needle control policy for babies and childrenswear in place so the objective was to emphasise this in a live factory environment, i.e the metal detector, snips and scissors securely attached on the factory line.

The workshop also included a session on costings, they learnt what an open costing is, how to verify supplier costings, and what standard minutes are. 

After the workshop we asked the attendees if the information provided met their expectations and how valuable it would be to their day to day roles. Overall very positive! 

A few comments included: 

‘It was extremely interesting and I have learnt a lot of valuable information regarding safety and how garments are made.  The training will help me to cost a garment going forward’ Erica

‘I now have a greater appreciation for factory workers and an understanding of costs. Overall very informative’ Sarah

‘Very informative and thorough. I now have a better knowledge of costings and ways to work efficiently. It was really helpful to experience, particularly if you haven’t been to a factory before.’ Helen

‘I have learnt about the different machines and different processes, and now understand the technical elements of making a garment. I also understand more about prices and reasons why things go wrong’ Chloe